BRIC is a Bangkok-based gemstone company that specializes in the sourcing, calibration and distribution of the finest rubies and blue sapphires.


With years of experience, we have come to know exactly what our customers want. Based on this accumulated knowledge, our products come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes in order to address our customers’ many specific needs. Above all else, we are confident that our customers will always enjoy the quality of our stones since each and every gemstone is meticulously checked by a variety of specialists before it is sent to the customer.

At BRIC, we have developed a reputation for excellence in rubies and blue sapphires, which come from the Corundum family. All of our gemstones are carefully selected from a number of high-quality sources within our network. The rubies come from Myanmar, while the blue sapphires come mainly from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, which are universally recognized as leading sources for beautifully colored stones of superb quality. Once we have selected our gems, they are then skillfully cut in a selection of magnificent shapes by our craftsmen.

BRIC is specialized in dealing with rubies of all shades, from the deepest red to the lightest pinkish hues. Our rubies are classified into groups according to their color. Deep Red, Pigeon Blood (vivid red), Red to Intense Red, and Pinkish Red are just some of the shades we stock. By categorizing our rubies into color groups, we are always able to provide our customers with gems of the tone and saturation they prefer. We also offer rubies in both heated and unheated varieties.

BRIC also categorizes our sapphires according to a color scale, ranging from Midnight Sky Blue and Velvety Cornflower Blue all the way to Pale Sky Blue. This color ranking coincides with the industry standard color ratings of Royal Blue (vivid blue), Medium Blue and Light Blue. Our sapphires are selected from various gem sources such as Australia, Cambodia, Laos, China, Vietnam, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Thailand. We offer sapphires in both heated and unheated varieties.

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