Being on our boats will make your day special! Given our central location in the Hurghada area our Dive Point 1 and Dive Point 2 boats can take you to every single dive site in the area within an hour or so. Our boats leave daily from our own marina at 8:30 in the morning and during the day trip we will take you to at least two of the best dive sites around. Meals and soft drink are all day long offered on our boats, and by 16-16:30 pm, when our boats are returning you will have experienced an astonishing diving or snorkeling day with all the best that the Red Sea and Dive Point can offer. Our staff will make sure that you are always on time in our dive center, where we will help you to get your equipment ready and to be taken to our boats.

After returning from the sea, we have fully equipped amenities so you can take care of your equipment and store it safely. Our friendly dive center it͛s also offering you an extra ͚safety stop͛, where you can sit and enjoy a drink, share your experiences with us and the other guests, even teasing your friends and family home with impressions of your day using our free Wi-Fi service. Our staff will make sure that after this superb day you will arrive back safely at your accommodation, and we͛ll be ready to welcome you again on the next day.


Everybody likes to be and feel special. Divers too. And we’re at Dive Point Red Sea Hurghada are fully aware of this and we think that you deserve to be special as a diver. That is why we make everything special, and first and mostly diving with us is special. As a certified diver you will have an outstanding safety and fun while diving. We give you our knowledge, experience and absolute professionalism while letting you to be in “charge”. Within the safety and certification limits you are free to choose how deep, how long you want to dive, what would you like to see, how you’d like to be guided – or even just to be let alone with your buddy in the water – while we’re just simple observers underwater for you. You can feel free to ask our advice, and perfect your skills and while having the best possible fun still learn something extra and useful for future dives.


Being in the waters of the unique Red Sea with a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins it’s like hovering between two very different worlds, when you look up all around you is a warm, dry and arid desert but looking below the waves you are a firsthand witness of the richness and variety of the underwater world. Making this plunge into an amazing world with us you can be sure, that Dive Point Red Sea will provide you not just the best snorkel sites around the Hurghada area, but you will also use high quality equipment, snorkeling from our boats you have all the safety and comfort features that anyone can desire, and our trained crew and staff are there with you assuring your snorkeling experience’s to be enjoyed in the most professional way possible.