Our new location puts us right in the heart of Hurghada. When you arrive to our dive center, you can already see what Dive Point means to us, our wide open front on Sheraton Street cannot be more welcoming to home – to diving and snorkeling. As soon as you step inside our reception, the familiarity with diving and snorkeling will surround you, this is also our shop where we offer everything from bits and pieces to the most professional diving equipment.

After completing your registration with us, we will greet you in our inner dive center, where you can use one of our classrooms if you are here to do a course. If you need our help to complete your diving or snorkeling equipment one of our friendly staff will take you to our rental room where you can have and use the most fitted equipment. Before leaving out on the sea, you can enjoy a refreshment at our bar, while sitting in a perfect, shaded area overlooking our beach and jetty.

This is also the place where we hold our short morning briefing, and where you can join in the afternoon a cold soda or beer, while sharing your fun over our free Wi-Fi. If you’re with us to do a course and you’ll be spending your day in the dive center our bathrooms, beside the European standards will offer you also hot showers. Further down to the beach you will find our guest equipment room, where all your personal and/or rental equipment can be safely dried and stored after

every day of diving – just in front of it our spacious freshwater pools will also give you the possibility to rinse them daily. If you are interested in the more technical details of diving, we will be more than proud to show you our compressor room, where we can fill high quality air, nitrox or any kind of O2 clean mixes including TEC or rebreather gases. Just a bit further you’ll find our beach, where we perform check dives, scuba refreshers and also confined dives from courses, alongside with shore dives day and night.