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We connect Emerging Thai Artists to the global Art Market

Every year, around 500 Thai Artists graduate from Fine Art Thai Universities but have few opportunities to connect to a global art market. To connect emerging young Thai artists with their potential clients, in Thailand and throughout the rest of the world, Rock Around Asia Art Gallery Bangkok has launched the 1st social network that enables this relationship. On this platform, customers sign up and then have access to the full range of artists that we represent. They can browse artist profiles and get information about the artists and their work, through photos, videos, updates interviews and biographies. They can then purchase, lease, or commission art, using our services for Individuals or Businesses >>> Click to sign up



Art Gallery Incubator in Bangkok

Rock Around Asia is the most eclectic and innovative Bangkok-based Art Gallery Incubator to buy, lease, commission Art and connect with new generations of Thai artists. We provide unique services on the subject of Asian art and everything Thai inspired and support talented artists by giving them mainstream representation. This mission has led us  to develop the first online social platform on which we have created the Internet’s largest available interactive database of emerging Thai artists. This platform is complemented by pop up exhibitions in Bangkok and Thailand.

Thai Art For Sale in Bangkok & Online

Rock Around Asia provides Paintings (oil, acrylic, mix-medias, watercolor, Chinese ink, both on canvas and paper), Sculptures (marble stone and wooden carving, clay, ceramics, metal), Earthenware, Photopolymer Intaglio, Etching, Lithography and Woodcut (Printmaking), Photography, Patching, Sewing and Embroidery.

Art-related Services for Interior Design

Rock Around Asia advises Hospitality, Residential, Spa, Restaurant, Interior Designers, Architects, Property Developers, Real Estate sectors in the development and positioning of Art for organizations and customers. Our Art Consultants will make your interior unique whether you are located in Bangkok or Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya and Chiang Mai.

Corporate Social Responsibility about Education in Art in Thailand

Rock Around Asia has launched this innovative program mid 2015 in partnership with students and young graduates of Faculties of Fine Art in Thailand. This Social Network is growing fast and we are currently looking for business and institutional partners.

Emerging Artists Thailand


Private Cultural Art & Museums Tours Bangkok

Enjoy the cultural side of Bangkok with private guides (Thai, English & French speaking)

Rock Around Asia brings more meaning to museum and monuments visits and a wider context to the exhibits, as the we offer highly intellectual foreign and local experts for these visits. We not only explain the monuments or museum’s displays, but also bring perspective and academic content into our tours. We are also experts on a large number of monuments and museums and sights in Bangkok. We make unique cultural experiences for special interest groups, academics, universities, and travelers with distinct interests.

Private Cultural Art Museums Tours Bangkok


Promotion of the month (August 2016)

50% discount on United Colors of Asia prints (Limited Edition)

United Colors of Asia Print Limited Edition is an artistic concept whose purpose is to connect 6 countries of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia) using strong symbolism, in this case a face expressing serenity – an emotion that is shared unanimously all over this region of the world. Each country is assigned a color that may describe the country in question almost by itself. From the Painted Face Series by Paitoon Jumee (based on his original painting “My Lady”) and concept by Eric Monteil, founder of Rock Around Asia.

Thailand Prints For Sale Online